Looking To Be Published?

Published July 1, 2013 by M E McMahon

animated-eyes-watching-something-go-byYou have your story or poem ready.  You have brushed it until it shines.  It’s as good as it can get and you are now ready to be published.  Hmmm…where to start?

When I first started looking for short story publishers, I spent hours and hours on the Internet.  My eyes crossed, my head spun and I felt defeated.  I would click on one and find that the submission period was closed; another site would tell me they only accepted works from published authors, another site only wanted vampire stories or similar bloodsucking creatures.

I didn’t know where to turn to find a publisher that fit into the genre and word count of my story. So my first step was to check out posts that were in the WordPress Reader under the  Writing Catagory.  A fellow blogger wrote about his success on Alphie Dog Fiction and I jumped on their site and found a home for three of my works.  I was lucky..very lucky to just happen to follow the right blogger (hint! It pays to read the posts, people…lots of free information out there!) but now, having been accepted by one publisher, it was time to strike out and spread my wings.

I had found two publishers that I thought would at least consider my work, as my story fit into their submission guidelines.  I sent them the piece and sat back with my fingers crossed and waited. I’m still waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

The other day I discovered a blogger, Christina Jones, whose site Seventeen 20 is chock full of information and tips on getting published.  How I wish I had found her sooner!  She recommended a site called Duotrope, which is a writers tool for finding the right publisher for their works.  I checked out the site and found a gold mine!

This site makes it so easy to find the right fit for your story, but it doesn’t stop there!  It gives you information such as what the editors are looking for, the speed in which they respond and the percentage of submitted works they accept.  They let you know if the publisher accepts simutaneous, multiple, reprints and do they only accept online submissions or snail mail (oh yes, some still require you use the old ways.)  They let you create a personal list of publishers you find that fit the bill for you.  And, many, many more features.

They do charge for their service…a whopping $5.00 US per month (my foreign friends will have to figure their cost out themselves :)), but they offer a Seven Day Free Trial (which of course, I am using) before charging the monthly fee.  So if you find it’s not for you, you can cancel.  Now, I find that five bucks a month is actually saving me time and money.  I am not paying (oh yes, some publishers require a “reading” fee) for someone to consider my work and the time I save searching the Internet can be spent on the revisions on my novel.

I did look into the other sites that Christina listed, but if you read her post, I agree that Duotrope is the best one out there. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s so simple that even this little old lady can create a list of publishers just waiting for writers like me (I hope).

So if you’ve got a hot little story without a home, check it out.  Definitely pay a visit to Christina on the link above.  For such a young lady, she’s got a lot of smarts!

Yours in Writing,



5 comments on “Looking To Be Published?

  • I have still never considered getting published but it is a small seed growing in the background, watered regularly by you. This new blog is like a google for writing. You are a gem.


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