Cooking Up A BlogRoll!

Published July 3, 2013 by M E McMahon


When I first started “Grandma Says” on WordPress, I dived in head first.  I followed the most excellent prompts that WordPress used to guide me along and get my blog up and rolling.  Easy Breezy!  I was off and running in no time.

Well, I’ve since discovered while creating this new blog site, that I have missed out on many of the great features that WordPress supplies to make our blogs Pop!  I’ve been guilty of the same thing that drives me nuts when Danny (my S.O.) assembles anything.  He pulls out the pieces, grabs a few tools, and starts to assemble while the instructions are still in the box.  When the attempt to assemble the piece proves frustrating, then, and only then, will he pull out the instructions and read them.

I wanted to create a way for my readers to find certain sites that have either helped me along on my journey to being a published author or provide them with a writers resource such as Prompt Challenges.  Trying to find the most effective way to do this, I discovered the BLOGROLL feature.  I took the time to finally read what a Blogroll could add to my site and to my delight, it was the answer to my prayers!

Blogrolls give you the ability to provide your readers with links to point your readers to your favorite sites, your Writer Resource Sites (Such as Daily Post or Prompt Challenges), or other links you find you want your readers to check out!

Now, I found a couple of great features you can use while you cook up the blogroll.  The first was that you are able to name your Blogroll anything you like, such as “Awesome Sites” or indicate the type of sites included in the list, such as “Prompt Sites.”

The second feature I loved, loved, loved was that you can have more than one Blogroll! So, I’m designing one for Writers Resource links that include publishers who are nuts enough to publish my work or sites that are aimed at helping new and emerging writers.  My next one is going to be sites that offer Prompt Challenges for those readers looking for an ideas when their muse has left the building.

I’m having a lot of fun cooking up my blogrolls and if you haven’t looked into this wonderful feature, check it out!

Yours in Writing,



6 comments on “Cooking Up A BlogRoll!

  • I am honored for the mention. Thanks Cranky or is it Ms M.E. McMahon, published author! I am loving this new site. When I get back home next week I will spend a lot of time here.


  • Did you know that you can also make an export file, and move all your posts from your old site to your new one in a couple of simple steps? If you want to do it, and have trouble figuring it out give me a holler, and I will help 🙂


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