Paying It Forward Wednesday

Published July 3, 2013 by M E McMahon


I have long wanted to find a way to thank and support those bloggers who have inspired me, motivated me, and supported me during my short time here in WordPress.  The success of my sister site “Grandma Says” is only due to the fact that they showed me kindness and clicked on the Like button and honored me with a Follow. And then they continued following..and encouraging..and cheering me on.

When I decided to start a separate blog site I decided that this is the place where I would Pay It Forward and let other bloggers know about bloggers I have met and found to have exceptional blogs…they all shine for many reasons.

Some are extremely gifted writers who share their talents and their wisdom with us; others are poets that manage to touch our hearts and our souls.  And, some are photographers who bless our eyes with their stunning pictures.  And, my favorite bloggers are the ones who let us into their lives and make us laugh, cry or share their experiences in life.

These bloggers have led me to develop what I am calling Paying It Forward Wednesday and this is the first post in the Weekly Series.  I want to let others know about their sites and how great they are as bloggers.  Hopefully, the series will inspire others to promote their fellow bloggers and thereby Pay It Forward.


Tric – My Thoughts On A Page

It was very easy to choose the blogger I would first want to Pay It Forward to.  Tric was one of the first to follow “Grandma Says” and she has remained a faithful follower.  She lives in Ireland and has a distinctive and charming style of writing.  You might think it’s poetry, but Tric will tell you that it’s just the way she speaks and thinks.  You will here a whisper of Ireland in her words.  And, how I love how she thinks!

She delights me with her stories of growing up in Ireland, her funny posts about her husband and children, and her touching tales of her own life experiences.  She charms me..she makes me laugh and I’m pleased to consider her a friend.

I told her recently that I thought we each lived in a parallel universe and that we were just mirror images of each other.  That’s how much we share in spirit, humor and our stories.

Please take a trip to Ireland and visit Tric.  Click on the link above, and I guarantee you, you will be charmed by this Irish lass and her family.

Love ya, my friend!


14 comments on “Paying It Forward Wednesday

  • “Ah Jaysus Cranky you are too good, I am scarlet!”. Seriously this is such a lovely thing to do for any blogger and I greatly appreciate you did it for me. Thanks a million. (I am scarlet though!).
    Since I first began to blog I have enjoyed reading your blog and have loved watching you bloom. You are, as I have said very regularly, a true inspiration and a kind and selfless blogger. I will happily tell the world in about one years time “I knew her when she was nothing!”.:)


    • You deserve the recognition and more. I’ve waited a few hours so I can reblog on Grandma site so more readers can view it!

      And, got my fingers and toes crossed for that Irish Blog Award!


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