Getting Down To Business

Published July 11, 2013 by M E McMahon


I was sitting at my writing table this morning and noticed the piles of paper scattered around.  Unfinished stories, works that are ready for submission that are crying to be released and chapters of my novel gathering dust.  I wondered how this had happened; what have I been doing with the time I should be writing, submitting and revising that novel?

It was time to sit down and figure out just what I wanted to do with my writing.  I’ve gotten some stories published; was that enough for me?  No, I thought.  I want so much more than that.  I want to finish my novel; I want to be published in some of the top magazines and I want to leave my granddaughter the memory that her grandmother had achieved success as a writer.

I am retired now, but I spent most of my life in the business world.  It wasn’t hard to realize what was happening with my writing career.  I was failing to treat it like a business. For me to succeed as a writer, I must use the skills I used in my working life.

I have to create a writing schedule and stick to it.  I have to organize my publishing resources for easy reference when I needed them.  And I have to make a commitment…the same type of commitment I would need when starting a new job.

The haphazard approach to my career I have used in the past will only delay and possibly eliminate any future success I might have.  So, it’s time to get down to business.

I am developing a workable writing schedule that I am going to keep.  No more excuses; no more procrastinating; no more dragging my heels.  I am also setting deadlines for myself (realistic ones of course) and try to meet them in a timely manner.  Having a deadline eliminates procrastination and provides motivation to get the job done!

I am making a commitment that I will work hard to achieve my goals.  No more fooling around; if I want to succeed I need to put the work in.  Just as if I’m holding a full time job, I need to apply my skills to excel at what I’m doing.

If you’re finding you’re in the same position I am, I suggest you might want to follow my lead if you want to achieve success as a writer.  New writers don’t have agents, editors and publishers to do the work for them; we have to do it ourselves.  Realizing that it takes work to get your work out there is the first step to success in any career.

So, wish me luck.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress as I open up the doors on my new business.

Yours in Writing,

M E McMahon


8 comments on “Getting Down To Business

  • I find it very hard to keep up with writing and reading whilst the kids are off school and enjoying our lovely summer. Maybe come September I might be a bit more organised but then maybe I am just not taking it seriously enough.


      • Thank you so much. Unlike so many out there I never thought I could write. Now I know I love to write I do not know what direction to go! So for now I just blog and am very happy to do that. I am perhaps a work in progress! A bit like that novel of yours.:)


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