When Silence Is Golden

Published July 16, 2013 by M E McMahon

image quiet

I get up early..very early.  Sometimes, dawn will be hours away, but I pour myself a cup of coffee and sit down at my laptop.  This is when I do my best writing, when the house is silent and I can only hear the voice of my muse.

I treasure those hours, for it is when I do my best work.  It is when I can write my most poignant and soulful pieces.  In the quiet of the early hours, I am free to dig deep and pull out emotions that I don’t let others see.

I know that many writers feel inspired when they play music while they write.  I’ve tried, but I just can’t do it.  I love music, of all kinds, but not when I’m trying to get those feelings into words.  For that, I need silence. I need the private time, time I can spend with my words, examine them and make sure they are honest and true.

Once the sun rises, and my responsibilities start, my creative juices switch into a different mode.  Everyday noise makes it impossible for me to dig deep for those emotions so I switch to pieces that don’t require laying my soul bare.  They are lighter, less emotional and easier to write.

But, when I want to write a piece that comes from my deepest caverns of my heart, I must have quiet.  I must have privacy.  I must listen to my heart.

This is the time when silence is golden.


8 comments on “When Silence Is Golden

  • Oh you would be most unproductive in my house. My kids keep coming in and asking me things and chatting like I am doing nothing as I busily tap away on the keys of my laptop. Some times when I do heartfelt posts about my Dad or my friends sick little boy I have tears pouring down my face as I type and they still chat as if it is the most normal thing in the world!
    Co incidentally sister, I too did a post today on Silence!


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