Paying It Forward Wednesday – 7/17/13

Published July 17, 2013 by M E McMahon


This weeks “Paying It Forward” post  is going to involve saying “Thanks” to more than one blogger.  One of my favorite sites actually consists of the efforts and talents of four very gifted people.

The site is “We Drink Because We’re Poets” and when I’m looking for inspiration…this is my Go To First site.  And, they never let me down.  Three of their prompts led me to write three fictional short stories…and each one has been accepted for publication. They suceeded in making me think “out of the box” and I can’t thank them enough.

Don’t let the title of the site fool you.  This site embraces all the arts: photography, poetry, art, writing and they promote all of them on this site!

Let me introduce you to the crew of “We Drink Because We’re Poets“.  Ladies first!

Georgia – Bastet and Sekhmet – First, (and she comes first since she introduced me to the site), is my good blogging buddy, Georgia.  Her site “Bastet and Sekhmet” is always a great place to visit when I want to be wowed by photography, moved by poetry or just to enjoy her quirky brand of humor.  She has so many talents: writer, poet, photography (she is also a gifted painter, but she hides behind the canvas…sorry, my friend, your secret is out).

The crew on “We Drink Because We’re Poets” drafted her as a contributor (wise choice, my friends!) and she has put those talents to work on providing great photography prompts. Georgia, you Rock!

Lilith Colbert – This young lady also Rocks…her musical prompts are great inspirations for when you need that muse singing along with the words.  She’s mixes a little bit of Goth into that Texas drawl and the combination is delightful.

Now for the guys!

Papi Z – The Ranting Papizilla – I can’t put it  any better than Papi Z does when he writes he is,”The high stepper, the pimp slapper of the ignorant, champion of knowledge, and all around awesome dude.”  He’s also a hell of a poet and a champion of the masses.  He took a year off from blogging and has reappeared with a bang…check him out!

Sahm King – The Arkside Of Thought – This very gifted poet and philospher digs deep and gives us his all.  For a young man, he has the ability to reach out and grab your heart and then makes you chuckle.  I believe you want to know this young man because he’s going places with his poetry and you’ll want to say “you knew him when.”

“Pick Your Poison…Preach Your Passion.” is this group’s motto and every one of these people practice what they preach with their beautiful photography, poems and essays.  Check out the site and the’ll find inspiration in all.

So, to all four members of “We Drink Because We’re Poets”, I thank you for the time and effort you put into your prompts, challenges and for having one of the best sites I’ve found on WordPress.

I bow to the masters!


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