Paying It Forward Wednesday – 7/24/2013

Published July 24, 2013 by M E McMahon


You have to meet Barb Taub at “Barb Taub.” Really!  She is not only one of the funniest, wittiest women I have ever had the pleasure of reading, she’s an all around great writer.

She’s your typical American woman living in England (is there anything typical about that?) and she shares her experiences fitting in with her English neighbors in such a way that I am usually left holding my sides with laughter.  She’s real, she’s down to earth and she’s honest about her ups and downs in her new home.

But, she’s also a writer…first and foremost.  Check out her site and you’ll find excerpts from her book “Null City” which will leave you with no choice but to get out and buy her book.  She wrote it with the same humor that she blogs with…definitely worth a look.

Barb has been very supportive of all my efforts as a writer and she is one of my role models that I use for inspiration during my journey towards finishing my novel and getting it published.

So, do yourself a favor..check out this great lady and you’ll see…she’ll have you laughing in a few short paragraphs!

Thanks Barb, for being a staunch supporter and a beloved blogging buddy!


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