Paying It Forward – 8/7/2013

Published August 7, 2013 by M E McMahon


First I have to apologize for posting this so late today.  I got caught up in a new story I’m writing and time just slipped away.  But, better late than never and I will reblog this tomorrow so more readers will see it.

This week’s post is dedicated to a group of people who I hold near and dear.  Being a child of the sixties, I only had to be invited once to join Bloggers For Peace before I jumped in with both feet.

This site has one purpose: to promote peace…whether it be in the world, in your neighborhood or in your family.  They ask members for one post a month with the theme “Peace” in the story.  I love being a part of this band of peaceniks and always enjoy reading the posts that they come up with.

Kozo Hattori’s blog site Everyday Gurus tracks the posts and it’s members and she does a fine job of it.  Her site is always a good place to get a warm hug when you need one.

forpeace6 (1)

“We can make a difference right here, right now.”

Being a member of this lovable lot inspires me to think of posts aimed at spreading the love and sharing my hopes for peace with others.  If you want to join, just click on the badge above and Kozo gives you all the details you’ll need.

So, thanks, my fellow peaceniks for spreading the peace in a world that needs it so much!


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