Paying It Forward – 8/28/13

Published August 28, 2013 by M E McMahon


This week’s tribute goes to an educator with a sharp wit, a keen eye for life’s silliness and a love for words.  Experienced Tutors has long been one of my favorite sites as I know I will leave his site with a smile on my face.

What first caught my eye about this site was that it’s  with a sense of humor…I go weak in the knees for a writer who can make me chuckle…and Experienced Tutors never fails to do so.

His photographs inspire me, his posts entertain me and I’m following his journey down the publishing road with great interest.  He deserves many, many more followers than he has, but he is always generous in giving praise to other bloggers.

He is definitely one of the Best Blogs of 2013…in case anyone needs a nominee! (How’s that for a plug, my friend?)

So, take a trip into Experienced Tutors world and I guarantee that you’ll be glad you did.  Just click here for a good time and listen to his “thoughts from the corner!”  They are definitely worth hearing!

Yours in Writing,

M E McMahon

Authors note: In case you didn’t know, due to family issues I have missed the past two weeks in the blogging world.  But, now that things have settled down, I’m back up and running!  Thank you for all those good wishes you sent during my absence.


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