Shhh…It’s Wordless Wednesday

Published August 28, 2013 by M E McMahon


My entries for Wordless Wednesday!

(Psst…for best effects, click on pictures for full view!



20 comments on “Shhh…It’s Wordless Wednesday

    • Oh…bull dinky! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was trying to get the three pictures to show the sun as it rose in the dawn hours…had a few surprises trying to take these…but learned that you DON’T point the camera at the sun! (Tee Hee!)

      Actually had fun doing this!


      • Actually the photos do tell your story…to bring the story out better, you should have used the slide-show option of the gallery instead of the thumbnails. I’m going to process them for you and send them back to you via e-mail…unless you tell me not to. And the sacrifice you went through to take these photos is second only to Lancelot’s quest for the graal! Have a great day!


      • Where you upload your media files click the three photos holding down ctrl, then on the side, there is Create Gallery, it appears again (Create New Gallery) , you click it too, once you’re in there just look at gallery settings Type and there’s a drop down menu…the last voice is slideshow.
        Click it and insert gallery, to see the show before posting or updating just preview the post. Voilร . ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I’m thinking that you already did the first process, just didn’t see the Type under Gallery setting.


      • You’re right…missed the Type under Gallery. But, WPress tends to mess with me every once in a yesterday I couldn’t set a featured image..I hate when that happens because my pics are usually arranged along with my story!


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