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Oh, The Pain of it All!

Published September 21, 2013 by M E McMahon


Writers often find the process of writing to be painful at times.  We must dig deep, bare our souls and tell our darkest secrets sometimes…but, not writing about these things cause us even greater pain.

I find that writing about things that have happened in my life or the world around me have resulted in some of my best work.  As a child, I was taught that we didn’t tell…ever…what happened behind closed doors of our home.

As an adult, I now have the freedom to bring these events to life, either in fiction through a character or in a memoir. I have discovered that writing about the pain, the loss, the love and the joy that I have experienced in life brings me peace…and often gets published.

So, don’t be afraid to dig down…no matter how painful it is..and share your views, your thoughts and your feelings.  I believe doing so makes you a better writer!

Don’t keep that untold story inside you! The world is waiting to hear it!

Yours in writing,


Paying It Forward – 9/18/13

Published September 18, 2013 by M E McMahon


Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been absent from WordPress for a few weeks. I had to rush my SO, Danny, to the hospital with a bleeding ulcer.  Since Danny takes Plavix, a blood thinner, this was especially dangerous since the potential for bleeding out was high.  Thankfully, the ulcer has been clipped and tamed and Danny is slowly recovering from this latest health scare.

I normally use this series to give thanks to a particular blogger who has touched my life during my journey in writing.  But, I’m going to take this opportunity to use this post to thank ALL the wonderful bloggers who offered Dan and I their love, support, prayers and encouragement during a very scary time.

I joined WordPress to see it anyone would read my work.  I never expected the warm, caring and supportive community that exists here in WordPress land.  I spent one hour this morning just answering all the comments, posts and e-mails that you all sent…and, I want each one of you to know that there were tears in my eyes for the entire hour.

You can never have enough friends…friends who care, who pull you up when you’re down and are always willing and able to listen to your troubles.  I feel rich…I feel very lucky…I feel so thankful that so many of you have reached out your hands in friendship!  I can never express how much you all mean to me and I hope I can prove worthy of your friendship!

So, once again, thanks everyone for the outpouring of love you sent to us and I want you to know that Danny and I feel blessed to be among friends!

Now that things are calming down, I hope to continue this series without any future interruptions!  Thanks for your patience!



Tips For Writers

Published September 14, 2013 by M E McMahon

This gives all the reasons everyone should write!

The Belle Jar

Write because you have something to say.

Write because you’ve always wanted to.

Write because you only just realized that you might die next week, or tomorrow, or five minutes from now, and you want to leave something behind for posterity.

Write because you have a secret fire burning inside of you and the only way that you can fan the flames is by sharing your thoughts with someone else.

Write because you’re bored and don’t have anything better to do.

Write for yourself.

Write for other someone else, or maybe everyone else.

Write because you love seeing your stats counter surge every time you post something. Write because nothing satisfies you quite so much as seeing others share what you’ve written. Write because you like the attention; there’s nothing wrong with liking the attention.

Write because it fills the emptiness in your heart or your soul or your pancreas…

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Paying It Forward Wednesday – 09/04/13

Published September 4, 2013 by M E McMahon


I first started dipping my pen into the blogging waters back in January of this year. Excited, I designed my page and wrote a post…then I waited and hoped that someone would read this newcomer’s words.  To my delight, it’s wasn’t long before a wonderful blogger not only read and liked my piece, she actually commented on it. What a wonderful feeling it was to know that I was now welcome in the WordPress family and the first blogger to open the door to the possibilities of blogging was Aurora.

Aurora’s site, Metal Angel, is full of her writings about her family and her wonderful fantasy stories. She is a young mom, living through the harsh economic times with a husband and wee son. She struggles daily with trying to provide the daily needs of her family and shares her frustration and successes with the rest of us.

Many people look to the older generation for wisdom…I look to the younger generation, women like Aurora, for inspiration. And, she never lets me down.  Her life reminds me of my struggles as a single mom and her fantasy works always provide a little escape from the here and now. I just know that when her family duties calm down, she’s going to produce a best seller and I will be proud to say, “I knew her when!”

She is also the reason that I now have a novel in progress. She encouraged me to attend summer camp at NaNoWriMo…for that I will always thank her for I never dreamed of writing a novel before and am amazed that I am now working on revisions of the one I completed in camp!

So, head on over and say Hi to Aurora…she’s a great girl and she’ll welcome you…just like she welcomed this cranky old grandma. Click here and enjoy your visit!

Yours in Writing,


Six Most Excellent Awards

Published September 3, 2013 by M E McMahon

Some Awesome Awards for some Awesome Bloggers!

Grandma Says..

Wow…I received not one..not two…but six awards from Dan at Missing The Muse.  Thanks, my friend, and I feel these are quite special and am going to include them on my Awards Page.  Dan is on a kind of hiatus from blogging here…but he can be seen (alive and well) on his Facebook page.  Check him out…he’s very talented in many areas of the Arts and is definitely a Wordsmith extraordinaire!

So, as all awards go, we have some rules to follow to pass these wonderful awards on to others.  All my nominees deserve these six awards and many more.  All are excellent bloggers, writers, photographers and poets and I am feeling privileged that they share their works with me.

(1) Thank the person who nominated you!  “Thanks, Dan!”

(2) Do the Q&A below.  Look below…yeah…a little bit further…okay.

(3) Pass on the award to 10 – 12 deserving…

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