Oh, The Pain of it All!

Published September 21, 2013 by M E McMahon


Writers often find the process of writing to be painful at times.  We must dig deep, bare our souls and tell our darkest secrets sometimes…but, not writing about these things cause us even greater pain.

I find that writing about things that have happened in my life or the world around me have resulted in some of my best work.  As a child, I was taught that we didn’t tell…ever…what happened behind closed doors of our home.

As an adult, I now have the freedom to bring these events to life, either in fiction through a character or in a memoir. I have discovered that writing about the pain, the loss, the love and the joy that I have experienced in life brings me peace…and often gets published.

So, don’t be afraid to dig down…no matter how painful it is..and share your views, your thoughts and your feelings.  I believe doing so makes you a better writer!

Don’t keep that untold story inside you! The world is waiting to hear it!

Yours in writing,



5 comments on “Oh, The Pain of it All!

  • I agree and thank you so much for the encouragement to do so. Personal situations in our life are difficult to share out of fear of breaking our own personal confidentiality or revealing more than we believe we should. You’re right though, that those are the stories that end up being the best ones of all.


  • I’ve found some of my best shorts are the ones I’ve based on personal experience. I can draw on the emotions and really let it come through the character’s POV.


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