Doctor Sleep – Book Review

Published October 3, 2013 by M E McMahon


For those of you who were left wondering all these years what ever happened to Wendy and Danny Torrance after their escape from the demons of the Overlook Hotel…your wait is over!  Stephen King brings us up to date with his newest novel, Doctor Sleep.

As usual, the master of horror weaves a tale that will keep you turning the pages until the end.  He introduces us to a grownup Danny Torrance who fights the same demons that his father did, alcoholism, violence and despair.  He settles in a small town in New Hampshire, gets clean and sober and meets a young teenager, Abra Stone, with a stronger “shining” than anyone he has ever encountered.

King brings in the tribe called “The Knot” to satisfy our desires for truly scary villains and the head of the tribe, Rose, embodies true evil.  The Knot travels the country, killing young children and absorbing their “steam.”  Once, Rose gets a whiff of Abra, nothing will stop her from having Abra’s steam for her tribe.

The fight between good and evil is once again handled in the typical King style…he builds you up and keeps you on the edge of your seat!

I recommend this book to everyone, even if you have never read The Shining.  The book stands well on its own and so do the characters.  But, I am glad to see some of the old ghosties from the Overlook pop in for a few chapters too!

So, if you need a novel that fills your evening with chills and thrills, get Doctor Sleep and enjoy another Stephen King horror story!  As always, I bow to the Master of Horror!

Yours In Writing,



7 comments on “Doctor Sleep – Book Review

    • Oh Barb…don’t you like to have the pants scared off you? King has never failed me…but that thing I love most about his books are his characters…they are believable, lovable, terrifying and evil. And, actually, this novel is a little easier on the terror than The Shining was…but still great. Glad you liked the review!


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