It’s All About The Views

Published October 7, 2013 by M E McMahon


As bloggers and writers we churn out our poems, stories, photos and memoirs and send them out into WordPressland.  We work hard on our pieces, we try to make them shine and hope that a good number of people appreciate our efforts.

WordPress features allow us to see how many readers liked the piece, how many commented on our work, and how many actually gave our post a peek.  I find these features invaluable when gauging if my work was up to par or hitting the mark I was aiming for.

To me, it’s all about the views.  A view means someone actually visited my site, took a look around, and might have stayed to leave a comment or a Like or decided my blog was worth a future visit by pressing the “Follow” button . It means that something in the title, the subject matter or my style of writing has pulled them in for a look.

To this writer, these visits are gold, even if the reader left after the first paragraph.  If nothing else, I got them to look…and that is why I write.

I realize that not all my work will be Liked, or worthy of a comment.  You can’t please everyone all the time and my work may not attract a certain kind of reader.  That’s okay with me.  As long as I know I did something right that brought them into my world, then I’m a Happy Camper.  At least they gave me a chance.

When I stroll down the Reader, I look for subjects that interest me or titles that promise I might enjoy what the writer has written or the photographer has captured with their camera.  It’s impossible to read all the blogs…it would take a month of Sundays just to get through the thousands that are posted daily.

I rely on the presentation, the categories or the tags to tell me if I might want to drop in and read or see a little more of what the blogger has to offer.

I don’t indiscriminately hit the “Like” button hoping the blogger will repay one of my posts in kind.  Sometimes I comment and sometimes previous comments have already said what I would have stated.  But, I do like the fact that the owner of the site will know that I dropped in and took a look around.  And, they can do that by watching the number of visits their post received.

Of course, the only thing that excites me more than the number of views I receive is to find that another blogger has found my work worthy of a “Reblog.”  If views are gold, Reblogs are gifts of diamonds…they get your work out to more readers, readers who perhaps have not found your site yet among the thousands out there.

So, if you come across a piece that you think your followers will enjoy…Reblog!

For everyone who has dropped in on this site or “Grandma Says” I want to thank you for your visit.  Visits like yours keep me blogging and inspire me to write more, write better and try to get you to drop in again.

And, to my faithful readers who kick back and chat with me during their visit, a special thanks.  You make my day!

Yours In Writing,



15 comments on “It’s All About The Views

  • I appreciate the views, too, and it teaches us a lot about what readers are looking for in a post – what topics get the hits, which ones flop. I aim to keep my posts under 500 words, because most people who are “just passing through” skim blogs, and it’s good practice in making words count. For me, it’s those I’ve connected with that mean the most. Those cyber friends with whom I’ve struck up great online dialogue and who never fail to show up. It’s a small but diehard group (and you’re certainly one of them). That’s been the best side of blogging.


    • You betcha! The friends I’ve made here on WordPress greatly outnumber the ones I have in the “real” world and I treasure every one of them! They have inspired, consoled, and encouraged me through so much in the short time I’ve been on this site.

      As you know, you were one of my first followers and consequently one of my besties!

      One of the other features I love about the Stats is the “Summaries” section. I can actually pull up previous stories and see which ones got the most views/comments/likes and that let’s me know if the piece needed more work or was something I was proud of.

      Of course, some days get heavier traffic than most…I haven’t got that puzzle solved yet, but the Stats are a great tool!


  • I agree with the ebb and flow of the traffic, it’s puzzling. I’m coming up on one year in November, and if this 12 months is any indicator of a typical year, blog traffic seems to die out in the summertime.


  • Thanks for doing what you do. I like stopping by for a visit and a chuckle or thought for the day. Oftentimes, I will comment and forget to hit Like. So, you have more likes than indicated. All the best. BTG ( I remembered to Like this time).


    • Like I said, the visits are what’s gold to me! But, I love likes too! I have the same problem…I often forget to leave a like…usually when I’ve left a comment. Sometimes I feel the like button is unnecessary if I’ve commented on the piece!

      Thanks for your support and visits. Means the world to me!


  • I completely agree with you! Love seeing the views – and what countries they’re from! I haven’t yet had a reblog…but I’ve had a share or two on Facebook…so all is good! If I reblog this blog do you think it’ll make more readers think? {she says tongue in cheek} 🙂 ps…I’m nominating you for a Liebster Award – do with it what you may…just know that I enjoy reading your blogs (and yes, yours are one I take time to read!)


  • A bit late here, doing some back reading! One thing that came to my attention recently is a little do-daw on our editing page call the “insert more” tag. Not only does this make for a neater home page, but to read ones post, you have to click that read more tag…adding to your view stats. I found this out writing poems for Poet’s Corner…Harry requires us to do the read more tag to keep in touch with the stats. Great post and I agree…keeps a body going when you know you’re being read and comments make me smile too!


  • I love the views, and seeing the amazing fact of people visiting from all over the world. But one thing that’s unexpected about blogging is the feeling that I’ve made friends, people I’ve never met, but who make my day better the same way as a call from an old friend.


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