Paying It Forward Wednesday – 10/9/13

Published October 9, 2013 by M E McMahon


It’s that time of week where I get the special honor trying to Pay It Forward to a fellow blogger and thank them for inspiring me and sharing their own journey in life and writing.

One of my early followers and a great source of inspiration is not only a blogger, but a talented author.  Please let me introduce you (if you haven’t been lucky enough to have already discovered her amazing site) to Barbara McCloskey.  Her blog, “Author McCloskey Speaks” is warm, down to earth and always an inspiration to me.

Barbara is the author of numerous books, including Apple Pie and Strudel Girls and Finding Gessler.  She writes historical fiction that will take you back in time and immerse yourself in the struggles and challenges before, during and after World War II.  Check her out on Amazon.

But, the main reason for Paying It Forward to Barbara Celeste McCloskey is that she not only blogs, she offers writers like myself pointers, support and some really excellent advice when it comes to writing.  I also, over the past year, have come to consider her a friend…one who has often sent a hug or a “good job” when I most needed it.

So, be sure to check out Barbara’s site, Author McCloskey Speaks and while you are there, leave a little something for Ernie, her pug with the mug that everyone loves!

Thanks and Love ya, Barb!

Yours In Writing,



10 comments on “Paying It Forward Wednesday – 10/9/13

  • Mary Ellen — I just found this post and I am so humbled by your praise. Thank you for your kind words. I always enjoy your posts, but this one left me speechless. I only wish I wasn’t so tardy in recognizing it. Best wishes and good writing! Barbara


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