Guess Where Cranky’s Headed?

Published October 26, 2013 by M E McMahon

Beep..Beep. Watch out for Cranky!

Grandma Says..

elderly3Some of you might have noticed that Cranky’s been kinda quiet for the past week. Well, I’ve been pretty busy working on something that has been on my bucket list for a very, very, long time.

Need a hint? Okay, here it is!


Yes, my friends, I’m going back to school! I have spent the last week going back and forth to Keiser University and jumping through the hoops necessary to enroll for my Associate of Arts Degree!

Whaaat?  Wondering how I’m going to take care of Danny, the house, and be a full-time student? Well, all of the classes are going to be Online and I only take one class per month. I’m sure that those 30 days are intensive, but since I’m sitting home twiddling my thumbs I decided to give it a shot.

My goal is to get my Associates Degree and, if I’m still alive and…

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11 comments on “Guess Where Cranky’s Headed?

  • Awesome, I am attending Walden University and studying for my doctorate in political science. I believe nobody is ever beyond learning more and bettering their life. Congrats on taking the steps to improve your life and enhance your knowledge base. =)


      • I was so excited when I got my associates degree, I am finishing my bachelors now and if all goes according to plan 2020 I will have my masters. The hardest part was getting through the college level algebra and one course of calculus….I almost had a stroke passing that. I would really like to teach a bit.when all is said and done.


      • The “Awful Algebra” classes aren’t until my third semester…leaves me time to do some prestudying since all I’ve ever had were accounting classes.

        I have no doubt that calculus would bury me! But, again, I don’t have that one so I’m lucky (at least not yet!)


      • When they push a class at you called statistics…that is code for calculus…LOL. I had never done algebra as when I left high school it was an elective and I elected to pass on that drama…LOL


      • LOL My wife is looking at a statistics class as well, she is not happy. I had to use a tutor to get through and the help of some videos I found on youtube.


      • That would be a plus for sure, in reality when if not by now would you ever use statistics? I think some of the expectations set forth by schools of higher learning are a bit unrealistic.


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