An Unexpected Honor

Published November 7, 2013 by M E McMahon


As some of you may know, my short story “The Plagiarist” has been accepted for publication by Long Story Short.  I might have mentioned it (in great detail) in my post “Strike Up The Band.”  Of course I was thrilled to have my story accepted by such a great magazine.

But, much to my surprise, I received an e-mail from Linda Barnett-Johnson, assistant editor for the Long Story Short and, well, I’ll just show you what it said.

Hello Mary Ellen

We liked your story so much, that we’d like to accept it for our story of the month for November. Please complete the following and send back asap.


I couldn’t believe it! My eyes popped, my mouth dropped open and I gave such a loud yelp that my SO, Danny came running in from the yard.

The honor, the delight and the thrill of receiving this Award is indescribable!  My humble little story about my dad’s brush with plagiarism won an Award!

There were Interview Questions to be completed (another first for me), which I promptly answered and sent back to Linda post haste.  I mention this because all of you,each and every one of you, is mentioned as being a part of my success in writing  I couldn’t name names, but you all know who you are.

You’ve been my mentors, my inspiration and my friends since I started writing just a short year ago!  Your generosity in sharing your comments, your support and your own talents have inspired me to write more, write better and to send my work to publishers.  I owe you all a part of this Award!

Also, Long Story Short reviews all the award winning stories at the end of the year and selects one for their Story Of The Year Award.  If I win, drinks are on me!

So, my fellow bloggers, writers, poets and photographers, keep on with your wonderful works and again, my undying gratitude for the honor of being included in your Blogging Community.

You can read my story and my interview by clicking Here!

I also want to thank the Editorial Board of Long Story Short for selecting my story for this unexpected honor.  You have truly made this writer a very happy camper!

Yours in Writing,

21 comments on “An Unexpected Honor

  • Your excitement jumps right off the page as I’m reading your post!!! That is very exciting news. I loved your story and the responses to the interview questions. Your sense of humour really pops out 🙂


    • Dad was the type of person that if one thing didn’t turn out right..he would just move on to the next. In later years, this story became one that the family would share around the supper table and Dad would laugh the loudest!


  • Just read your story and interview…thanks for much on behalf of a member of your community for the fantastic mention. The story is really great, a real Cranky story with that freat mix of bittersweet humor. So sorry for your DAd…but I see his daughter has taken up the torch and is running a good race! Congratulations again!


  • Great news, this is awesome to hear 🙂 Sorry I have been so quiet, but it’s November and am in the middle of NaNoWriMo. Wish I could say it’s going swimmingly, but finding time to write is like pulling teeth when the only place my computer can go is in the middle of the living room. I’m quite behind word count wise, but oh well…slow but sure does it.


    • Just keep on plugging! When one of my stories got published, Dan went out and bought me a small writing desk…probably to get all my stuff off the dining room table.

      Now that I’m in school, I’m back to the dining room table! Oh well! Good luck with NaNoWriMo…you’ve still got plenty of time!


  • Wow, M.E. this has certainly been a stellar year for you as a writer. So many accomplishments and accolades and school too! You are an inspiration for all of us to keep plugging away. Congratulations on all your successes! 🙂


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