Welcome To My World


Come on in, don’t be shy!  Excuse the mess, I’ve been a little busy with my writing lately and my life is always a little hectic.  But, mosey on in and take a chair.  We speak y’all here and everyone is welcome to stay awhile and learn a bit about me.

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer, and since the beginning of this year, I got serious about following my life long passion.  I wanted to take that great adventure so many writers take as they set off armed with words, thoughts and their own views.  I created a blog site called “Grandma Says” and it has been a joy to meet so many talented people in the short time I’ve been blogging.

Now, you might already know me as “Cranky Caregiver” or “Cranky”, and if you do, welcome to my Writer’s Journal.  I appreciate your support, encouragement and the motivation you have given me over the past months.

If this is our first meeting, I’m pleased to meet you and although this site is going to be a little more formal than “Grandma Says,” feel free to kick off your shoes and give me your honest comments about the content on this Journal.

Some of you might ask why I need two sites?  Well, I want to use this site to keep readers apprised of the works I have in progress, the works I have been lucky enough to have published and to let you share in my journey in writing. In a short six months, I have gone from blogging, to writing short stories and actually have a novel that is a work in progress.

But, it’s not going to be all about me..me..me.  I promise you!  This Journal is going to include posts about writing from other bloggers or links to sites that give awesome advice to new and emerging writers.  When I find something I think will help new writers, poets or photographers along the road to being published, I’m going to spread the word.

So, while “Grandma Says” will be the site for my views, my thoughts and my heart; this site will focus on the business of writing and hopefully new readers and my dear friends from my personal blog, will benefit from my successes and common pitfalls we face.

I can promise you it will never be dull!  So, grab a seat and take a look around.  You’re always welcome here!

M E McMahon

14 comments on “Welcome To My World

  • Love this new site! And congrats on your newly published story. Looking forward to following your journey here, as well as on Grandma Says…


  • Thank you so much Mary Ellen for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. I really appreciate it, especially from a published author such as yourself.

    I will be popping over here from time to time because you sound quite inspiring, and honest. Thank you once again!


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