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Confessions of A Serial Reader

Published August 30, 2013 by M E McMahon


Yes, my friends, I confess that I am a Serial Reader.  I love books that take a character and make you like them so much that you want to read about them time after time.

I read the first Harry Potter book only because I wanted to see if it was appropriate to give to my granddaughter as a gift.  After the first five chapters, I was hooked and became one of those fans waiting anxiously for the next adventure that Harry and his cohorts would embark upon.

Nora Robert’s (writing as J.D. Robb) hooked me with the first of her “In Death” series (I have a secret crush on that Irish scalawag, Rourke.)  Stephen King’s Roland and crew gave me many years of great reading in the “Gunslinger” series.  I could go on and on, but just suffice to say, I love books that make me shout “More!”

As a writer, I have tried to identify why these authors are so successful in creating characters that we are willing to read about them over and over. And, I found the answer is very simple.  These authors have created interesting, exciting three dimensional characters who capture our imagination…we want to meet them…we want to know them…we want to join them on their adventures.

As I work on my novel, I keep in mind that I would love my readers to relate to my heroine and the other characters  to the point that at the end of the book, they are left wanting more.  In order to do that, I have to give my characters unique characteristics while still keeping them real enough for readers to bond with.

They must be three dimensional and they must be someone the readers would want to know in their own world.  Perhaps, if I achieve this in my novel, I will hear the cries for “More!” from the readers.

I’m not sure I want to write about the same characters over and over again.  But, it would sure be nice to be asked to!

Well, I must go now.  I’ve just downloaded King’s new addition to the “Gunslinger” series titled “The Wind Through The Keyhole”–Roland, Jake, Eddie and Odetta are waiting for me!

Yours in Writing,


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