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Paying It Forward Wednesday – 10/9/13

Published October 9, 2013 by M E McMahon


It’s that time of week where I get the special honor trying to Pay It Forward to a fellow blogger and thank them for inspiring me and sharing their own journey in life and writing.

One of my early followers and a great source of inspiration is not only a blogger, but a talented author.  Please let me introduce you (if you haven’t been lucky enough to have already discovered her amazing site) to Barbara McCloskey.  Her blog, “Author McCloskey Speaks” is warm, down to earth and always an inspiration to me.

Barbara is the author of numerous books, including Apple Pie and Strudel Girls and Finding Gessler.  She writes historical fiction that will take you back in time and immerse yourself in the struggles and challenges before, during and after World War II.  Check her out on Amazon.

But, the main reason for Paying It Forward to Barbara Celeste McCloskey is that she not only blogs, she offers writers like myself pointers, support and some really excellent advice when it comes to writing.  I also, over the past year, have come to consider her a friend…one who has often sent a hug or a “good job” when I most needed it.

So, be sure to check out Barbara’s site, Author McCloskey Speaks and while you are there, leave a little something for Ernie, her pug with the mug that everyone loves!

Thanks and Love ya, Barb!

Yours In Writing,


Paying It Forward Wednesday – 09/04/13

Published September 4, 2013 by M E McMahon


I first started dipping my pen into the blogging waters back in January of this year. Excited, I designed my page and wrote a post…then I waited and hoped that someone would read this newcomer’s words.  To my delight, it’s wasn’t long before a wonderful blogger not only read and liked my piece, she actually commented on it. What a wonderful feeling it was to know that I was now welcome in the WordPress family and the first blogger to open the door to the possibilities of blogging was Aurora.

Aurora’s site, Metal Angel, is full of her writings about her family and her wonderful fantasy stories. She is a young mom, living through the harsh economic times with a husband and wee son. She struggles daily with trying to provide the daily needs of her family and shares her frustration and successes with the rest of us.

Many people look to the older generation for wisdom…I look to the younger generation, women like Aurora, for inspiration. And, she never lets me down.  Her life reminds me of my struggles as a single mom and her fantasy works always provide a little escape from the here and now. I just know that when her family duties calm down, she’s going to produce a best seller and I will be proud to say, “I knew her when!”

She is also the reason that I now have a novel in progress. She encouraged me to attend summer camp at NaNoWriMo…for that I will always thank her for I never dreamed of writing a novel before and am amazed that I am now working on revisions of the one I completed in camp!

So, head on over and say Hi to Aurora…she’s a great girl and she’ll welcome you…just like she welcomed this cranky old grandma. Click here and enjoy your visit!

Yours in Writing,


Paying It Forward – 8/7/2013

Published August 7, 2013 by M E McMahon


First I have to apologize for posting this so late today.  I got caught up in a new story I’m writing and time just slipped away.  But, better late than never and I will reblog this tomorrow so more readers will see it.

This week’s post is dedicated to a group of people who I hold near and dear.  Being a child of the sixties, I only had to be invited once to join Bloggers For Peace before I jumped in with both feet.

This site has one purpose: to promote peace…whether it be in the world, in your neighborhood or in your family.  They ask members for one post a month with the theme “Peace” in the story.  I love being a part of this band of peaceniks and always enjoy reading the posts that they come up with.

Kozo Hattori’s blog site Everyday Gurus tracks the posts and it’s members and she does a fine job of it.  Her site is always a good place to get a warm hug when you need one.

forpeace6 (1)

“We can make a difference right here, right now.”

Being a member of this lovable lot inspires me to think of posts aimed at spreading the love and sharing my hopes for peace with others.  If you want to join, just click on the badge above and Kozo gives you all the details you’ll need.

So, thanks, my fellow peaceniks for spreading the peace in a world that needs it so much!

Paying It Forward – 7/31/13

Published July 31, 2013 by M E McMahon


Before I begin this week’s Pay It Forward tribute, I want to mention that my short story, The Night We Knew, is now available on Alphie Dog Fiction.  For sixty cents, you can download this whimsical tale of a night that brings the world together.  Just click on the title above for a peek at the contents!  You can also look up my name on their list of authors and find all three stories of mine they have published to date.  I hope to see you there!

But, this post is not about me.  It’s about a young woman who asked, “Me?  Who Am I” and invited us on her journey of discovery.  Mewhoami is a talented writer whose freshness and honesty is always a pleasure to encounter.  She has been a great fellow blogger and an inspiration to me from the first days on my own journey.

She has always encouraged me and motivated me to be a better blogger and an honest writer.  Her site is very well put together and is a visual delight while her words always strike a chord: funny, thoughtful and informative.

So, please, check out her site with a click here.  You’ll find a warm welcome and a good read as you browse through her posts.  And, in answer to her question “Me? Who Am I?”, I want to answer “A great blogger and a damn fine writer!”

Thanks for being my blogging buddy, Mewhoami, and for the insight you always give me into today’s younger generation.  Keep up the good work!

Yours in Writing,

M E McMahon

Paying It Forward Wednesday – 7/24/2013

Published July 24, 2013 by M E McMahon


You have to meet Barb Taub at “Barb Taub.” Really!  She is not only one of the funniest, wittiest women I have ever had the pleasure of reading, she’s an all around great writer.

She’s your typical American woman living in England (is there anything typical about that?) and she shares her experiences fitting in with her English neighbors in such a way that I am usually left holding my sides with laughter.  She’s real, she’s down to earth and she’s honest about her ups and downs in her new home.

But, she’s also a writer…first and foremost.  Check out her site and you’ll find excerpts from her book “Null City” which will leave you with no choice but to get out and buy her book.  She wrote it with the same humor that she blogs with…definitely worth a look.

Barb has been very supportive of all my efforts as a writer and she is one of my role models that I use for inspiration during my journey towards finishing my novel and getting it published.

So, do yourself a favor..check out this great lady and you’ll see…she’ll have you laughing in a few short paragraphs!

Thanks Barb, for being a staunch supporter and a beloved blogging buddy!

Paying It Forward Wednesday – 7/10/2013

Published July 10, 2013 by M E McMahon

2977696129_df5f7a850bI’d like to start by thanking everyone for the great response to my new blog site.  It has warmed my heart to see my readers following both sites now…in addition to a really nice increase in new followers for both sites.  I’ve said it from day one on WordPress, and I’ll say it again, You Readers Rock!

Now, down to business.  This is the day I tell you about a specific blogger who has inspired me and helped me along the way with suggestions, inspirations and comments.  She has been with me on my journey and she follows the same path I am taking.  We both hope to see our stories published and passed on as a legacy to our children.

Gwen, the 4 A.M. Writer, is a great blogger who writes about the challenges of having a family while pursuing her dream.  She gets up early…like me…in order to have time to write and still have time for her family.

She has always been generous and kind enough to share her research into sites that help a new writer.  Her posts are filled with information on resources and her own experiences delving into the world of writing as a new author.  Her personal posts are warm, witty, honest, and hit close to home when it comes to trying to have the best of both worlds…a family and a writing career.  I think she’s done a great job on both ends!

So, check out her site and I believe you’ll find that Gwen will be one of your new best blogging buddies.  I know she’s one of mine!  Click here or the link above to pay a visit to Gwen.  You’ll be happy you did!

Yours in Writing,

M. E. McMahon

Paying It Forward Wednesday

Published July 3, 2013 by M E McMahon


I have long wanted to find a way to thank and support those bloggers who have inspired me, motivated me, and supported me during my short time here in WordPress.  The success of my sister site “Grandma Says” is only due to the fact that they showed me kindness and clicked on the Like button and honored me with a Follow. And then they continued following..and encouraging..and cheering me on.

When I decided to start a separate blog site I decided that this is the place where I would Pay It Forward and let other bloggers know about bloggers I have met and found to have exceptional blogs…they all shine for many reasons.

Some are extremely gifted writers who share their talents and their wisdom with us; others are poets that manage to touch our hearts and our souls.  And, some are photographers who bless our eyes with their stunning pictures.  And, my favorite bloggers are the ones who let us into their lives and make us laugh, cry or share their experiences in life.

These bloggers have led me to develop what I am calling Paying It Forward Wednesday and this is the first post in the Weekly Series.  I want to let others know about their sites and how great they are as bloggers.  Hopefully, the series will inspire others to promote their fellow bloggers and thereby Pay It Forward.


Tric – My Thoughts On A Page

It was very easy to choose the blogger I would first want to Pay It Forward to.  Tric was one of the first to follow “Grandma Says” and she has remained a faithful follower.  She lives in Ireland and has a distinctive and charming style of writing.  You might think it’s poetry, but Tric will tell you that it’s just the way she speaks and thinks.  You will here a whisper of Ireland in her words.  And, how I love how she thinks!

She delights me with her stories of growing up in Ireland, her funny posts about her husband and children, and her touching tales of her own life experiences.  She charms me..she makes me laugh and I’m pleased to consider her a friend.

I told her recently that I thought we each lived in a parallel universe and that we were just mirror images of each other.  That’s how much we share in spirit, humor and our stories.

Please take a trip to Ireland and visit Tric.  Click on the link above, and I guarantee you, you will be charmed by this Irish lass and her family.

Love ya, my friend!

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