Looking For Prompts!

Published July 2, 2013 by M E McMahon

daffyHi there!  Does your site sponsor Prompt Challenges?  If it does, I’m looking for you!

Hey, sometimes we all do it.  We stare at the blank screen and we freeze.  Our muse has left the building, stranding us and leaving us with absolutely no ideas to write about.

“We must have something to inspire us!” We cry out!  We are writers, poets, bloggers and shutterbugs that feel empty unless we are writing or snapping those inspirational pictures.  What can we do?

The Daily Post offers one or two writing Prompts a day to help motivate us to get out those written words or take that perfect picture.  But, sometimes, the prompt still leaves us empty…we don’t relate to it…we need more inspiration.  Where else can we look for that one sentence or idea that sparks our imagination and reignites the challenge of writing or photography.

I have found that there are bloggers out there, and perhaps you’re one of them, who are gracious enough to provide prompt challenges and I love them for it.  Those prompts have supplied the inspiration for some of my best stories and some of my most viewed posts on my personal site.   They are gold to me and I want to include these sites and a link to them on a new page I’m developing for this blog site.

If you have a site that does have daily, weekly, or any regular posting of Prompt Challenges…please let me know so I can put in the site and the link on the new page.  I will also reblog the posts with the Prompt Challenge from my personal site (over 600 followers and growing daily) so that your posts will get more views and responses to the challenge!

Just leave me a message in the comment section here and I’ll include your site.  Please be sure to give me the frequency the prompts are posted and if there is a deadline or if they are open response times.

You provide a valuable tool to us here on WordPress and I just want to spread the word about these Prompt Challenges.  So, let me know as soon as possible since I hope to have the Prompt Page up and running in the next week or so.

Yours In Writing,



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